Developer Chrome extensions are amazing tools that help developers debug and develop code efficiently. Personally, I use Brave browser that is build on Chromium and you get the benefit of all the Developer extension community support and power of Chrome. As a full time NodeJS engineer, these are some of the Chrome extensions I wish I had know about years ago.

Note: All extensions are available in the Chrome Store and work with Chrome and Brave browsers.

JSON Viewer

Open source and does one thing extremely well, make JSON data easy to view! It is customizable and fast, makes JSON data a breeze!


Wappalyzer is a technology profile app that shows you what technology stack websites are built with. It can uncover more than a thousand technologies in dozens of categories such as programming languages, analytics, marketing tools, payment processors, CRM, CDN and others.

Node.js V8 --inspector Manager (NiM)

Manages DevTools with Node V8 Inspector (node --inspect) Debugging Workflow

Cookie-Editor is a simple tool that allows you to quickly and easily edit and delete cookies right in the tab! No more chasing cookies in the Inspect tool, and Cookie-Editor makes it easy to import and/or export your cookies in text format for analysis, backup, or to move them around. The search function is fast and allows for easily location of a cookie by name, so this is perfect for web developers, QA, and anyone that is interested!

JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifer

This is a simple tool, it makes JavaScript, CSS, and JSON beautiful when you open in a browser! Turns minified garble in to clean, organized code! It comes with automatic formatting, themes and customization to help control the code you need to read!

Emmet Re:view

Test your responsive design in multiple viewports with Emmet Re:view. It will display your responsive web-page in a number of views side-by-side so you can quickly test how a web page looks at different resolutions and devices. All views are fully synchronized: scroll, fill-in form fields, click, hover and drag elements in one view and get instant feedback in all others. Perfect for quick debugging, and creating preview graphics and allows you to customize your device wall!

A power, fast link checker that will crawl the website and find broken links, made for web designers, developers, and content creators. After your links have been checked, simply copy your bad links to clipboard and start fixing!


Instantly test your web page on any desktop or mobile browser! Launch the extension, choose the browser(s) you want to test with and BAM!

So, these are some of the best Chrome extensions for web developers. With these extensions, you’ll have everything you need to make development easier and faster.