Cred.Management is currently in beta by the JavaScript development team at Code Shock, and like all interesting projects, built to facilitate a need! What need you ask, well ... how does a team that works on a large number of projects control the credentials needed for the team to be able to work quickly with the least amount of control?

Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

One of the most important skills any project manager can have is being able to control their team and project credentials. This is often a problem for smaller companies and development teams. A new solution is Cred.Management! Here a team manager can:

  • invite the team
  • create multiple projects with fully customizable inputs
  • instantly and remove team members from the project
  • keep urls, account creds, other details securely in Firebase
  • no more need to send creds and track them in many different locations
  • low cost and easy to use

Web Application Tech Stack

  • ReactJS
  • Material UI
  • Firebase Auth
  • Firestore, Storage

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