What is Draftbit?

Draftbit is a low-code to pro-code mobile app builder tool. It is a flexible way to visually create, customize, and launch native mobile apps that has source code included!

What is Supabase?

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative, that uses Postgres Database, has authentication, instant APIs, realtime subscriptions, storage, and even edge (cloud) functions! Additionally, Supabase provides great documentation and using the instant APIs endpoints, in combination with Draftbit, you can have a mobile app up and ready to use in a short time with little developer experience.

On the surface, one of the more complicated tasks for non-developers is connecting Draftbit and Supabase. The following video will walk you through the steps, and in 5 mins you will connected!

There are a couple of requirements:
1. You have a Draftbit account
2. That you have a Supabase account and have built at least one schema so that you can connect the two together.

The next part of this series, How to Connect Supabase API endpoints to Draftbit walks you through the steps to add the API endpoints to Draftbit in order to have access to your database!