Do you ever have to send a link to someone, but the URL is just too darn long? And it's not like you can just shorten it by chopping off the ends - because then people would be left with a broken link. Ugh. Well, have no fear! There's a handy tool that everyone should know about called a link shortener. In this blog post, we're going to teach you everything you need to know about using them - from how they work to some of the best ones out there. Let's get started!

Link shorteners are, quite simply, a tool that allows you to reduce lengthy URLs into something more manageable. They can also be used to translate gibberish addresses into something more understandable. For example, if you're sending someone a link to an article on your website, you can use a link shortener to create a shorter, more user-friendly URL. Or, let's say you want to share a video on YouTube with your friends - but the URL is so long and complicated that it's hard to remember. No problem! Just use a link shortener and voila - much easier to share (and remember)!

Where is the love sung by The Black Eye Peas recreated in a tunnel underpass.
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So how do these things work? Well, most link shorteners work by using what's called an alias. An alias is simply a code that's associated with a long URL. So when you create a shortened link, what you're really doing is creating an alias for the original, longer URL. When someone clicks on your shortened link, they're automatically redirected to the original URL. Pretty neat, huh?

There are tons of different link shorteners out there to choose from - and more seem to be popping up all the time. So which one should you use? Well, that really depends on your needs and preferences. Some people prefer to use services like Bitly or because they're simple and easy to use. Others might prefer something with more features, like, TinyURL or And still others might want to use a service that's specific to their industry or business, like Rebrandly.

No matter which link shortener you choose, the important thing is that you start using them! They're an incredibly handy tool that can make your life (and your recipients' lives) much easier. So go ahead and give one a try - we think you'll be hooked in no time!